Finally, a nutritional Supplement manufacturer that can help you build a custom gummi brand.

Your customers are informed. 

Stop putting them in the position to price shop the same product from lower costing competitors.

Creating a custom nutritional supplement means building loyal customers.

The supplement market is booming!  Full of competition, everyone is chasing the same customers.  How do you plan to stick out?

At Gummi World we take pride in helping you create a recipe and product that can only ever be unique to you.  Developed to your tastes and specifications, each recipe you've licensed with Gummi World is under an Exclusivity Agreement, and your company retains the rights to that unique recipe.

We Want You To Be Successful Too


Build a custom recipe that includes the essential vitamins and benefits of your choice.


Let's talk order quantities, and how we can place you into our production schedule on a basis that works for you.


Gummi World will bottle, label, package, and fulfill your products on your behalf.  It's that simple.

What People Say

I just wanted to run a business that brought a valuable product to the health and wellness industry.  Gummi World has made it easy for me.

Sam Price, CA

Partner with A Private label Manufacturer who will give you a competitive advantage.