Our vitamin supplement production facility is at your disposal.

Once we've analyzed  your gummi for nutritional value and you've approved the recipe, it's time to show the world your new brand!


With your purchase order you reserve a place in our production schedule that you can rely on - week after week, month after month, or quarterly. Our production is tailored to what is the most beneficial for you and the demand for your product!  One thing is for sure, don't concern yourself with not having a product when you need it.  Say goodbye to long lead times waiting for your product to ship from overseas, only to receive a second-class product. As an FDA-Registered facility, Gummi World takes pride in adhering to the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration. Your gummies will be manufactured through our 14-step Quality Assurance testing and analysis.  Gummi World operates and manufactures in a pharmaceutical-grade quality facility and upholds GMP standards.

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Our Gummi Technicians are standing by to gummify your brand new product that the world has yet to see.  As soon as you've approved your vitamin supplement recipe, the Diamond Team begins analysis of the gummi recipe, and large batch testing that recipe to make sure that we can deliver a quality product in large manufactured batches.

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Recipe Development

Evaluation, Analysis, Approval, Large Batch Testing


From raw ingredients, to your customer's front door.