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Unlock the Potential of White Label Manufacturing

A Manufacturer That Develops Custom Gummi Vitamin Supplements.  We Build Custom Flavors For Your White Label Brand.

ABOUT Gummi 


If you have been shopping for a custom manufacturer you have probably already noticed everyone does a little bit of everything - pills, softgels, capsules, gummies, powders, tablets, etc.

At Gummi World we worry about executing vitamin supplement gummies to perfection.  We want to partner with you to develop a unique, brand specific gummy.  With reasonable MOQ's and the reliability of being placed into a production schedule that works for you, we're a full solution facility helping you from recipe development all the way to product fulfillment.   

Let us worry about fulfilling a tasty and healthful product, while you scale and grow your business.


The Diamond Team

vitamin manufacturing team

Our one-of-a-kind team is at your service. 

Throughout our recipe development process our hand-picked panel of experts are in place to work with you on everything from the flavor, nutritional value, stability, consistency, and overall healthful benefits of your new gummy.  Our attention to product quality is unparalleled in the industry. 

That's why we call it "Diamond" because it's hard to find. 

The Diamond Team recognizes that these gummies are not only meant to be flavorful but that consumers depend on these products as a reliable source of vitamins to supplement their diets.  We take pride in delivering a product of the highest value so that your business has a unique selling proposition that stands out among the rest of the competition.  

While the rest of the industry is adding vitamins to their candy,

you get to brand a flavorful vitamin with nutritional value.

Our Process

custom gummy vitamin supplement recipe development

A custom gummi vitamin supplement to build your brand around.

Our Diamond Team has worked really hard to make this process as simple and fun as it is.

Let's start with getting a great understanding for the product you would like to make.

Running a business has never been this easy

We will place you in our production schedule on a basis that works for you.  You'll never have to worry about not having product for your orders ever again.

From ethically-sourced raw ingredients to your customer's front door, Gummi World delivers a product that you can be proud to call your own.

custom gummy vitamin supplement manufacturing process

schedule a risk-free consultation with Gummi World Today

Custom gummi flavors, shapes, vitamin combinations.  A reliable place on our production line.  Research and development with a unique Diamond Team made up of a panel of experts in their respective fields helping you with your custom recipe.  A hands-off fulfillment process that takes the highest quality and ethically sourced raw ingredients from our state-of-the-art kitchen to your customers hands.  Sounds expensive...

At Gummi World we believe in a true partnership and will do recipe development with our Diamond Team - Finding your custom gummy flavor, vitamin benefit, size, shape.. absolutely free!

Schedule a meeting with one of our Client Satisfaction Experts to learn more today

Facility Certifications


As an FDA Registered facility, Gummi World takes pride in adhering to the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration.  Learn more about what it means to be FDA Registered.


Gummi World operates and manufactures in a GMP certified facility.  Learn More about what it means to uphold the GMP standards here.