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Our unique quality of having R&D coupled with Manufacturing in-house stimulates the timeline of concept to commercialization from the industry standard of nine months down to an average of four weeks. Furthermore, a rare combination of talent known as The Diamond Team undertakes this entire process in an FDA-registered, cGMP compliant facility.



Bring us your idea and our team of experts will transform a vision into a reality starting with the first ingredient. Experts in nutrition, food chemistry, organoleptic evaluation, and quality assurance work together to create a dietary supplement unlike any other in the marketplace. Once we receive your final stamp of approval, your product undergoes an additional round of testing before pushed to production, packaging, and being sent out the door for the world to enjoy.


1. Recipe Development

Recipe development is conducted in-house by a team of nutraceutical experts who work together to create a gummi with premium taste and texture while meeting your nutritional specifications.


4. Customer Approval

The most important step in the process is knowing that you are satisfied with the taste, texture, and nutritional specifications of your gummy. 


2. Recipe Evaluation

After a recipe has been developed, other members of our Diamond Team use their decades of experience to evaluate the recipe to ensure there are no complications and all levels of ingredients meet the correct industry standards. 


5. Large Batch Testing

With your final stamp of approval, we test to make sure that your gummi is suitable for large-scale production to meet the supply demands for everyone that is going to want to purchase your product time and time again. 


3. Analysis/Testing

Once a gummi has been formulated, the product goes through extensive analysis and testing by a nutritionist, food scientist, Pharm.D., and medical doctor before going to a quality assurance specialist for approval.


6. Push to Production

The final stage of the journey is producing, bottling, labeling, and sending your gummy out for the world to enjoy.


We are the gold standard in nutraceutical manufacturing. Most manufacturers in the industry purchase and sell products they sourced elsewhere and are unable to offer custom formulations for their partners. At our facility, research & development is completed in-house along with manufacturing and packaging through fulfillment. As an FDA registered facility, gummies undergo quality assurance testing and analysis adhering to cGMP regulations.


1. Production

Only premium, raw ingredients are used to create the best nutraceutical in the marketplace.


4. Dry Tunnels

Tailor-made for nutraceuticals, we use a combination of heat and air to perfect your product to optimal consistency.


2. Quality Testing

All products undergo quality assurance testing and analysis adhering to cGMP regulations.


5. Bottling

Pick your packaging that fits your brand and we will bottle in house right off of the line.


3. Quality Inspection

After your product has been tested on a chemical level, it is visually and physically inspected as if a customer saw it for the first time.


6. Labeling

Your product isn’t complete without your label and our machines will customize colors, size, shapes, and transparency.


7. Fulfillment

Let us send your product to its final destination or use your fulfillment service.


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