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Beauty Vitamins for Hair, Skin & Nails

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

After several months of staying indoors more than usual, many people feel that their natural beauty is not up to par and skin care has been difficult, which makes now the perfect time to build your own brand of gummi vitamins for beauty.

A lot goes into what affects a person’s hair, skin, and nails aside from genetics. For example, a person’s diet, their level of exercise, the amount of water they drink, and more can all play role in the quality of their skin. Unfortunately, all of these are affected as people spend more time indoors or deal with increased stress levels.

There are several steps that you can take in your own daily routine to preserve and improve the quality of your skin during these unprecedented times, as well as gummi vitamin supplements to give you a leg up. In addition to supplements, there are a few ways you can improve your complexion on your own:


Simply by increasing your heart rate and improving blood circulation, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the skin. Studies have shown this vital for skin health, collagen production, and skin cell growth—all of which combined provides a glowing complexion and is also helpful for anti-aging. Regular exercise is known to help reduce stress and working out is also beneficial for a person’s mental health. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults, or 18 percent of the population every year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Anxiety is related to a number of skin problems—similar to how a brief instance of embarrassment can cause a person to get red in the face or feel flushed. A person’s brain is always communicating with nerve endings in the skin. When a person has an anxiety attack, the body’s stress response can cause sensory symptoms like burning or itching of the skin. A person can reduce stress and anxiety through exercise as well as proper nutrition through diet and supplements.

Diet for Natural Beauty

Healthy food choices are essential along with exercise and hydration in order to look and feel great. Nutrition is one of many factors required for the maintenance of overall skin health. An impaired nutritional status affects your skin all the way down to a biological level—resulting in an abnormal skin barrier. In particular, the importance of micronutrients, such as certain vitamins and minerals, for skin health has been highlighted in cell culture, animal, and clinical studies.

The following vitamins and nutrients are important for healthy hair, skin, and nails:

• Vitamin A: The health of a person’s skin, along with their hair and nails, depend heavily on vitamin A to stay strong. Sources of Vitamin A include animal products, peppers, eggs, and fortified foods, but it is most easily obtained through supplements.

• Omega-3s: Healthy fats help the skin retain moisture. All of the increased hydration efforts will go to waste if a person does not get enough good, dietary fat. Reliable sources of Omega-3s, also known as “good fats,” include cold-water fish, walnuts and almonds.

• Vitamin C: This vitamin is an essential nutrient for skin maintenance. It helps protect cells against oxidative stress. Vitamin C, similar to zinc and vitamin A, also helps boost your immune system. Some fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants as well as healthy amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which can fight wrinkles.

• Zinc: While the body cannot produce zinc on its own, zinc plays a vital role in many essential processes, including skin health. There is plenty of research and studies that show the importance of Zinc for healthy skin. Zinc is often used in hospitals in the treatment of burns and skin injuries as it can accelerate the healing process. This is because zinc plays an active role in collagen synthesis for the repair of damaged skin. Zinc can be found in meat and fish, as well as vitamins—which are popular for vegans, vegetarians, people with allergies, eating disorders, or those who want a convenient method to obtain this essential micronutrient.

Vitamin D: This is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” for a reason and plays an important role in skin tone. Vitamin D is most often made when sunlight is absorbed by your skin. Vitamin D is then taken up by your liver and kidneys and transported throughout the body to help create healthy cells—including skin cells. With many people spending more time indoors and less time outside, it is increasingly difficult to get the levels of Vitamin D your body needs, potentially leading to other health concerns. Gummi vitamins are an easy, convenient way to ensure adequate levels of Vitamin D in your blood.

Gummi Vitamins to Improve Natural Beauty:

Despite how beneficial diet, exercise, hydration, and improved mental health can be for skin care and especially one’s overall well-being, sometimes even these steps are not enough. A lot of these factors may involve a person’s genetics, but sometimes it is simply a matter of a concept known as bioavailability.

Bioavailability is how much of a particular nutrient is actually absorbed by the body. Various nutrients and dietary components interfere with the bioavailability of vitamins obtained via food. One method for increased bioavailability is through quality vitamins and supplements, especially in a gummi format. By chewing the gummi, your body absorbs more of the nutrients than if you swallowed a pill. Gummi World has a medical doctor, nutritionist, food scientists, and a PharmD working full-time to ensure your custom gummi vitamin has the appropriate levels of all the correct vitamins to aid in natural glowing skin as well as healthy hair and nails. Their expertise along with our executive chef is what makes our Diamond Team live up to its name—a team of professionals working to make your gummi unique.

After more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and as more people are slowly emerging from quarantine, the market for vitamins to aid in natural beauty is stronger than ever. We want to partner with you to develop a unique, brand-specific gummi tailored toward helping people that are seeking to return to their natural beauty they may have lost or simply give their current look a youthful boost.

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