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Dietary Supplement Capsules vs. Tablets: Benefits and Differences

The dietary supplement market is exploding as people are more attuned to their well-being than ever before—which leaves suppliers scrambling to stock shelves with new products—many of which are ideal for a hard capsule delivery method.

While gummy vitamins continue to prove their popularity across all demographics, the interest in supplements and nootropics beyond the standard, essential vitamins and minerals makes hard capsules ideal to meet niche market demands.

For instance, minerals such as iron and zinc are capped at much smaller loading amounts to maintain structural integrity in a gummy. Popular nootropics often need additional ingredients, many of which can be quite expensive, in order to make the gummy palatable and provide an enjoyable mouthfeel for the consumer.

Hard capsules and tablets are both considered forms of a pill and each are popular options for people to fortify their diet with vitamins and minerals. While each format functions in a similar way to deliver dietary supplements for absorption by the body’s bloodstream, they have key differences as well.

No matter how new the dietary supplement ingredient may be to the marketplace, in some instances one delivery format may be better suited for a person than the other.

What about tablets?

Tablets are the most common type of pill. They are inexpensive, safe, and effective way to deliver oral, pharmaceutical medications as well as dietary supplements. They are produced by compressing powdered ingredients to form a solid, smooth-coated pill that breaks down in the digestive tract.

In addition to active ingredients, most tablets contain a long list of additives for structural integrity as well as to improve the texture or appearance of the tablet. Some tablets have a protective coating in order to prevent them from breaking down in the stomach, ensuring that the tablet dissolves after entering the small intestine. In each instance, the primary dietary supplement ingredient is eventually absorbed into the body’s bloodstream, travels to the liver, and provides its intended benefits.

Benefits of dietary supplement capsules:

With extensive options for ingredients and a lower cost of production, some suppliers are turning to hard capsules in addition to their lineup of gummy vitamins. Hard capsules are a delivery format in which one or multiple dietary supplement ingredients are encapsulated within a small shell which can be gelatin-based of cellulose-based.

Dietary supplement capsules have a variety of advantages for the consumer and producer compared to traditional tablets.

Advantages of hard capsules:

  • Capsules are easier for the elderly and children to swallow than tablets

  • Hard capsules are easy to fill with extended-release beads as they don’t require compression

  • Capsules require less excipients to prepare compared to tablets

  • Capsules are easier for the stomach to digest than tablets which provide an increase in bioavailability of dietary ingredients compared to tablets

  • Modern capsule filling machines such as those at Gummi World provide multiple filling options such as powders, granules, semi-solids, and beads

  • Capsules allow for the control of the release profile of dietary supplements

  • Capsules allow for a unique blended film which cannot be done with tablets

  • Capsules mask any unpleasant tastes or odors of dietary supplement ingredients with less need for excipients

Let Gummi World Fill Your Capsule Needs:

Gummi World offers premium encapsulation which includes the filling, sealing, and polishing of hard capsules in a variety of sizes which can be plant-based (cellulose) or animal-based (gelatin), depending on your needs. Our Diamond Team of medical, scientific, and nutraceutical industry experts work together and can help you develop a custom recipe to fill and produce the best capsule for your customers’ health and wellbeing.

Get the ball rolling and contact us today to develop a custom hard capsule or softgel unique to your brand and your customers. With a variety of filling options, we can take your custom recipe from concept to commercialization to put a unique hard capsule dietary supplement on store shelves which is unlike any other.



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