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The Diamond Team Difference

At Gummi World, we pride ourselves on creating a customized gummi

formulation that is exclusive to our clients and only uses the finest of

ingredients to improve health and wellbeing while maintaining optimal taste

and texture.

While other gummi manufacturers may use high fructose corn syrup, load

their product with sugar crystals, or simply spray a chemical vitamin on the

surface of pre-produced candy, we literally build your gummi to your


All of this could not be possible without the skills and expertise our Diamond

Team puts into creating your product.

The Gummi World Diamond Team consists of six, full-time employees

including an executive pastry chef, food scientist, food chemist, PharmD,

medical doctor, and quality assurance specialist. These nutraceutical experts

work individually and together every step of the way until your gummi meets

your expectations.

The Diamond Team is led by Gummi World General Manager and food scientist Stephen Roman, who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

“We work with highly-standardized forms of potent botanical extracts and

draw from holistic and nutraceutical research to formulate the most

innovative functional gummies in the world. Usually ‘good for you’ and

‘gummies’ don't go hand in hand, but I guarantee that our scientists and

formulators will make you sweet on our science,” said Roman.

What Makes a Gummi World Gummi Different Than Others: 

Most gummies that have flooded the vitamins and supplement market are

full of corn syrup, refined white sugar, dextrose, artificial flavors, and artificial

colors. This is where the Gummi World difference first comes into play.

Our gummies are free from high-fructose corn syrup and only use ethically

sourced, raw ingredients. Our executive chef, Anthony Songin, helps to craft

your custom formulation using the finest ingredients. Songin holds a Culinary

Arts Degree from the Hyde Park Culinary Institute of America and was named

Chef of The Year by the American Culinary Federation. 

Chef Songin says the building blocks of a quality gummi begin with a unique

taste while maintaining nutritional value. 

“You don’t have to sacrifice taste to live a natural, healthy life. That’s where my

expertise comes in, and where culinary meets confection in the Gummi

World,” said Songin.

Working with vitamins and minerals can be a challenge to maintain the

appealing taste which the Gummi World Diamond Team prides itself on and

the chemical compounds can result in extreme challenges to the structural

integrity of the gummi matrix itself in processing and in final form. If not

executed properly, these specialty ingredients can make gummies go soft.

However, the Gummi World team of scientists, formulators, and engineers

always make a firm commitment to delivering quality, innovative gummies. Once taste and texture have been perfected, the focus goes into the health and wellness benefits of your gummi with the expertise of the Gummi World pharmacist.

"We ensure that each gummi provides safe and efficacious nutritional value

backed by evidence-based medicine," said Ankit Shukla, Pharm.D.

Gummi World food scientist Christina Wessel works to make sure your

gummi meets your expectations and our high standards.

"With frequent third-party lab analysis on all our products, we are able to

ensure the highest quality raw ingredients, combine to make the perfect

gummi,” said Wessel.

Dr. Ayan Monpara, Gummi World Chief Medical Officer, is also part of the

Diamond Team. Dr. Monpara is a member of the American College of

Healthcare Executives and says that making sure your gummi has the

benefits you desire is a top priority.

“Improving a healthy lifestyle through gummies should be a fun and creative

process for our clients. The nutritional value of a gummi that benefits the

consumer is equally as important as its exceptional taste and texture,” said

Dr. Monpara. 

Darryl Davis-Rosas is the process development engineer at Gummi World. Darryl scales lab formulations to a level of mass production, also known as commercialization, as a

client’s idea on paper becomes a reality in a bottle. He also monitors the equipment to maximize efficiency. Darryl has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Food Science with large-scale manufacturing experience.

Even with all of the proven experience and professional expertise that each

member of our Diamond Team puts into the creation of your product,

Gummi World goes the extra mile by adhering to Current Good

Manufacturing Practices, also known as cGMP. 

Current Good Manufacturing Practices, a stringent form of the more

commonly known Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), is a system for

ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according

to quality standards. The main difference between cGMP and GMP is that the

most recent standards, technology, and methods are being applied to

operations. The terms are largely interchangeable, with one major difference:

the use of the term cGMP implies a commitment to the highest available

standards of quality which is why it is important to make the distinction in a

competitive and rapidly adapting market.

The system is designed to minimize the risks involved in any production that

cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. cGMP covers all

aspects of production from the starting materials, premises, and equipment

to the training and personal hygiene of staff. Detailed written procedures are

essential for each process that could affect the quality of the finished product

and there must be documented proof that correct procedures are

consistently followed at each step in the manufacturing process.

Gummi World quality assurance specialist Monica Larrosa utilizes her three

decades of experience across the nutraceutical industry to put these best

practices into place.

"Having a passion for quality and process improvement, I love working with

the team here at Gummi World because everyone values the need for quality

and embraces the quote of W. Edwards Deming, Quality is everyone's

responsibility," said Larrosa. 

Experience the Diamond Team and cGMP Difference: 

At Gummi World we focus on executing vitamins and supplements gummies

to perfection. We want to partner with you to develop a unique, brand-

specific gummi tailored toward your needs. We have a wide variety of

vitamins and supplements, along with a multitude of flavors, for you to pick

and choose from to create a custom gummi recipe that is exclusive to you

and your brand. 


With reasonable minimum order quantities and the reliability of being placed

into a production schedule that works for you, we're a full solution facility

helping you from recipe development all the way to product fulfillment.


Let us focus on fulfilling a tasty and healthy product that is customized to

your specifications while you grow your business and your brand.

Contact Us: Call our Partner Satisfaction Expert at 830-358-9770 today or



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