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  • Claudia Giunta

August 2023 Flavor of The Month: Watermelon Mojito

Today, there is a growing effort to improve the flavor of supplement products. That’s why we’re combining two delicious summer staples: a slice of juicy watermelon and a refreshing cold cocktail.

In the nutraceutical industry, flavor and innovation are an opportunity to achieve brand superiority. At Gummi World, we help brands bring the tastiest supplements full of health benefits to their customers. The taste of your dietary supplement is an opportunity to impress your customers and have them become loyal to your vitamin brand. The flavor profile of your vitamin can draw customers in or have them explore other brands. Gummi World’s manufacturing team has mastered flavoring so that your supplement impresses both you and your customers.

Gummi World will take care of the entire production process from concept to commercialization. With your customers’ health needs and flavor interests in mind, our manufacturing team will develop nutrient-packed supplements efficiently and with exceptional service. Explore our flavor formulas or bring us your innovative idea– we will ensure your vision becomes a delicious reality, making your brand stand out and succeed in the marketplace.

August 2023 Flavor of the Month

What says summer like a watermelon mojito? This month, Gummi Worth highlights this unique flavor combination which blends the sweetness of watermelon with tangy lime and cooling mint flavors against a rum backdrop. Watermelon and mojitos can be separately enjoyed in a variety of ways, from popsicles, sorbets, cocktails, and more and Gummi World pushes the recipe innovation even further: A supplement packed with the refreshing taste of a watermelon mojito. We are constantly testing flavor concepts by producing unique flavor combinations that will wow you and your customers’ taste buds.

Your customers can enjoy the refreshing taste of a watermelon mojito daily and year-round with supplements produced by Gummi World. Packed with nutritious value and mood-boosting flavors, your customers will get excited about their daily supplements. Supplements widely known for their bitter taste can now be bursting with a sweet taste.

Trust Our High-Quality Standards

Gummi World adheres to our industry's highest quality standards and regulatory requirements. With multiple industry certifications and dedicated quality and regulatory compliance, we deliver exceptional product satisfaction every day.

Creating signature flavors is one of our specialties. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing tropical taste or something satisfyingly sweet, our in-house Research & Development team helps you develop customized on-trend flavors for your customers’ needs and wants. Every product our team makes is backed by science in a cGMP, USDA Organic-certified facility. Contact us today to learn how Gummi World can help you deliver flavorful supplements packed with daily vitamins and minerals.


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