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  • Claudia Giunta

Introducing Flavor of the Month Series

Flavor innovations can help make your supplement brand stand out and fly off the shelves. Each month Gummi World will highlight a new flavor based on current trends.

Gummi World is your complete source for manufacturing custom supplements from concept to commercialization, focusing on your customers’ needs. Our manufacturing team will deliver your customers the tastiest, nutrient-packed supplements with a quick turnaround and exceptional service. Whether you explore our flavor formulas or come to us with your own idea, our team is ready to meet your flavor needs.

July 2023 Flavor of the Month

Gummi World highlights a tropical peach flavor trend this month, just in time for peach season. The image and fragrance of a Georgia orchard, a glass of sweet peach tea, a sweet peach cocktail, or a juicy bite of the summer-ripe fruit may come to your mind when you think of peaches. The seasonal fruit taste can be enjoyed all year round with Gummi World supplements.

Peach flavor comes from the juicy fruit enjoyed around the world. From Asia to Europe to North America, peaches have been enjoyed for centuries in a variety of forms. It’s easy to see why: just the thought of enjoying the sweet fruit can put you in a good mood.

These mood-boosting properties make peach flavors the perfect supplement flavor trend for today’s market. Flavors and scents that make customers feel good establish a connection between food and mood. Your peach supplements will provide nutritious value and boost mood and energy, encouraging customers to look forward to their daily supplement intake. Gummi World can help you produce supplements that are bursting with a sweet and juicy summer peach flavor, leaving customers feeling healthy and happy.

Trust Our High-Quality Standards

Gummi World adheres to our industry's highest quality standards and regulatory requirements. With multiple industry certifications and dedicated quality and regulatory compliance, we deliver exceptional product satisfaction every day.

Creating signature flavors is one of our specialties. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing tropical taste or something satisfyingly sweet, our in-house Research & Development team helps you develop customized on-trend flavors for your customers’ needs and wants. Every product our team makes is backed by science in a cGMP, USDA Organic-certified facility. Contact us today to learn how Gummi World can help you deliver flavorful supplements packed with daily vitamins and minerals.



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