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  • Claudia Giunta

June Flavor of the Month: Kiwi

Known for its vibrant green color and unique, tangy-sweet taste, kiwi is set to become a new favorite in nutritious gummy supplements and fruit-flavored candies.

Our July Flavor of the Month is kiwi flavor! Known for its vibrant green color and unique, tangy-sweet taste, kiwi is set to become a new favorite in nutritious gummy supplements and fruit-flavored candies. Learn why kiwi-flavored supplements will be a success for your brand and how Gummi World is perfectly positioned to create them.

Why Kiwi?

Kiwi is a refreshing and exotic fruit and a powerhouse of nutrients. Kiwi offers numerous health benefits, packed with vitamins C, K, E, folate, and potassium, along with a good dose of fiber and antioxidants. Its distinctive flavor profile combines sweet and tart notes, making it a delightful addition to any gummy supplement. Take a look at why kiwi-flavored supplements would be a successful product for your brand:

  1. Consumer Appeal: Kiwi’s unique taste is a refreshing departure from more common flavors (such as berry or cherry), providing an exciting new option for health-conscious consumers looking for variety in their supplements.

  2. Health Benefits: Kiwi is renowned for its high vitamin C content, which supports immune function, skin health, and antioxidant protection. This makes kiwi-flavored gummies an attractive choice for those seeking to boost their overall health.

  3. Market Trends: With an increasing focus on exotic and superfruit flavors in the supplement industry, kiwi-flavored gummies are a trendy and desirable option that aligns with consumer preferences for innovative and healthy choices.

The Benefits of Kiwi-Flavored Supplements

  1. Immune Support: With high levels of vitamin C, kiwi gummies help strengthen the immune system, making them an excellent choice for maintaining health.

  2. Skin Health: The antioxidants in kiwi can help protect the skin from damage (especially in these hot summer months), promoting a healthy and youthful complexion.

  3. Digestive Health: Kiwi is rich in dietary fiber, which aids digestion and supports gut health.

  4. Antioxidant Protection: Kiwi’s antioxidant properties help combat free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and supporting overall wellness.

Why Gummi World?

At Gummi World, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and deliver high-quality gummy supplements. Here’s how we can make kiwi-flavored gummies a success:

  1. Advanced Formulation: Our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technology and research to develop gummies that taste delicious and deliver effective nutritional benefits.

  2. Quality Ingredients: We source the best ingredients to ensure our kiwi gummies are made with real kiwi extract, providing an authentic flavor and maximum health benefits.

  3. Customizable Options: We offer customized formulations to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether it’s enhancing the vitamin C content, adding other complementary nutrients, or pairing it with other fruit flavors.

Captivate your customers and enhance your brand’s reputation for innovation and quality with kiwi-flavored supplements created by Gummi World! Our expertise in formulation, commitment to quality, and focus on consumer trends ensure that our kiwi-flavored supplements will deliver impressive health benefits that will make your customers come back for more. Contact us today to get started! 



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