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  • Claudia Giunta

October 2023 Flavor of the Month: Cranberry Apple

Introducing cranberry apple flavored gummies. Pair your vitamin supplement with a sweet-tart flavor bursting with antioxidants and nutrients that offer a range of health benefits.

Innovation is a strong facet of a successful supplement brand. With more individuals focusing on their health and wellness, supplement brands are finding new opportunities to meet customers’ needs– through trustworthy ingredients, claims, and original flavors.

Gummy vitamins are continuously growing in popularity within the vitamin industry as customers are looking for reliable, easy ways to support their health regimen. Fruit flavors also continue to dominate a large portion of the market’s top flavors. Customers reach for flavors that influence their mood with trustworthy ingredients that will benefit their health. Gummi World continues to monitor the latest trends in the marketplace, creating flavors that will help your brand stand out and have your customers coming back for more.

October Flavor of the Month: Cranberry Apple

Nothing says innovative like a vitamin supplement with two complimentary flavors which is why we’re highlighting a cranberry apple flavor combination. The sweet and refreshing taste of an apple paired with a tangy cranberry flavor will have this unique vitamin bursting with flavor in your mouth.

A delicious blend of cranberry and apple flavors makes this flavor combo enjoyable any time of the year. With our cGMP, USDA Organic-certified facility, the concept of a limited seasonal ingredient is thrown out the window. Your customers can enjoy seasonal flavors all year long and look forward to mood-boosting flavors that will encourage them to be excited about their daily supplement routine.

Gummi World will provide your brand with wow-worthy vitamin flavors packed with nutritious value. Customers are looking for something easy to incorporate into their routine. What’s easier than vitamin flavors that boost their mood with nutrients that make them feel and look their best?

Create Delicious Supplements With Gummi World

Gummi World adheres to our industry's highest quality standards and regulatory requirements. With multiple industry certifications and dedicated quality and regulatory compliance, we deliver exceptional product satisfaction daily. Our supplements are backed by science in a cGMP, USDA Organic-certified facility.

Creating signature flavors is one of our specialties. We’ll work with you to create an on-trend supplement that will satisfy your customers’ needs, no matter the flavor. Gummi World will take care of the entire production process from concept to commercialization. With your customers’ health needs and flavor interests in mind, our manufacturing team will develop nutrient-packed supplements efficiently and with exceptional service. Contact us today to learn how Gummi World can help you deliver flavorful supplements packed with daily vitamins and minerals.


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