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January 2024 Flavor of the Month: Cherry

Improve your customer retention by creating delicious supplements with Gummi World that are backed by science and full of flavor. 

A new year means new resolutions and goals; for some, these goals will be health-conscious as they strive to improve their holistic health journey. The start of the year marks a surge in dietary supplements, fitness tech, and skincare popularity and sales. Several factors contribute to this shared enthusiasm for better health. Societal trends, personal resolutions, and strategic marketing initiatives create a profitable place for wellness products in the marketplace at the start of the year. 

As individuals embark on their journeys towards improved health and well-being, Gummi World responds with innovative and tailored solutions to support these goals. Gummi World’s responsive approach and commitment to delivering high-quality products not only align with popular health and wellness resolutions but also strive to exceed health expectations to turn a trend into a lasting habit for consumers.   

January Flavor of the Month: Cherry

This month Gummi World welcomes in the New Year by featuring a vibrant, sweet cherry supplement flavor. While many people associate cherry flavors with being one-dimensional and reminiscent of cough syrups, cherry flavors have been among the most popular flavors in product categories for centuries. Cherry-flavored candies, soft drinks, and supplement gummies don’t contain off-flavored active ingredients. Its easily identifiable and memorable flavor profile puts cherry flavors high in demand from a consumer standpoint.

Cherry trees have grown in moderate climates for thousands of years and offer both sweet and tart flavors. There are hundreds of cherry flavor formulas available, including luxardo, acerola, emperor, wild, red, and morello, making the cherry flavor quite versatile. Additionally, most cherry flavor profiles can easily be paired with other fruit, spice, and floral flavors. Consider pairing cherry flavors with a banana or mango flavor, a basil or thyme flavor, or rose and hibiscus. 

Looking for a cherry-flavored supplement? If you’d like to explore your interest in a custom cherry flavor profile for your new product, contact us at Gummi World. Our quality experts will help your brand succeed by ensuring your supplements will wow taste buds and exceed health goals.

Create Nutrient Dense and Flavor-Packed Supplements With Gummi World 

Gummi World adheres to our industry's highest quality standards and regulatory requirements. With multiple industry certifications and dedicated quality and regulatory compliance, we deliver exceptional product satisfaction daily. Our supplements are backed by science in a cGMP, USDA Organic-certified facility.

Creating signature flavors packed with healthful nutrients is one of our specialties. We’ll work with you to create an on-trend supplement that will satisfy your customers’ needs, no matter the flavor. Gummi World will take care of the entire production process from concept to commercialization. With your customers’ health needs and flavor interests in mind, our manufacturing team will develop nutrient-packed supplements efficiently and with exceptional service. Contact us today to learn how Gummi World can help you deliver flavorful supplements packed with daily vitamins and minerals.


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